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New MPAA Ratings System

April 17, 2013/0/0

I’d like to comment on the new ratings design from the #MPAA that they announced today at #cinemacon. They played a really good spot that you’ll be seeing at theaters about knowing what movies/ratings are right for you or your family. There are a couple things that make this interesting.

Before Senator Dodd (Chairman & CEO of the MPAA) even took the stage, John Fithian (President & CEO of NATO, the National Association of Theater Owners) took the stage and shared some very interesting statistics and facts on movie performance and compared these based on ratings. Of the top 10 grossing movies in 2012, 7 are PG-13, 2 are PG and 1 was R. The rated R movie was #9. After showing this, John the said that if there was one thing that theater owners want to say to the studios is to make more family friendly films. It is evident that our society accepts and supports the PG-13 rating.

Now for my point and comments on the MPAA, its purpose and efforts. I think the changes are great… in theory. The one topic that wasn’t addressed, is the way these ratings are determined and categorized.

I just hope that the MPAA doesn’t allow more and more risky and immoral content to be accepted and receive PG-13 ratings. There is a large financial benefit to receive a PG-13 rating for films.

Hopefully the studios will take note and will create more family friendly content.


You can see the PSA here –

You will notice, the ratings boxes will now have the description for why it received it’s specific rating.



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