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Upcoming Films for 2013

April 17, 2013/0/0

It’s officially the end of day 2 here at Cinemacon and I’ll tell you what, this will be a great year for movies. This summer we will see some great films released and see great attendance. We got to see an awesome presentation from Paramount. They showed us an extended version of the new Star Trek coming out in 3D. I’m not too big on 3D but I have to say, they did a great job and it’d be worth seeing in 3D.

Second we got to see World War Z. Hollllly Crap! For all of you who like Zombies and movies about Zombies, this one is for you! They showed us about 15-20 min. and holy crap, the most tense clips of film I’ve seen in a while. It was also introduced by Brad Pitt himself.

Good stuff, they also showed off Dolby Atmos, most auditoriums have about 4000 watts of power for sound. This thing apparently has 490,000+ watts and you could tell, at first it was just screaming loud and a little painful, but after you got “used to it” it was pretty cool. There were speakers everywhere but still, it was too loud. And for those who know me, that’s saying something. The other presentations since then though have been much more bearable and sound amazing!


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