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Kailua’s New Luxury Movie Theater

March 13, 2017/0/0

Kailua Cinemas Grand Opening

Kailua – HI, On March 3rd Kailua Cinemas held it’s Grand Opening to the public to show off the recent upgrades and remodel. The entire lobby area along with the restrooms were completely remodeled and the biggest, most popular change was the addition of luxury recliners for every seat in the theater.

Along with the recliners, they have also completely upgraded their audio system. They installed all new speakers in the auditoriums and upgraded the two largest auditoriums to 7.1 surround sound. You will notice a big difference in the sound compared to the past. It is sound you can feel.

The prices are higher than they were before but the chairs make it all worth it. The theater has seen a steep increase in admissions and is wide open for businesses to promote their brand on the screens. Contact us soon to get your commercial up on the screens and reach a large, captive and affluent audiences.


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