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connects businesses and moviegoers to the cinemas. We plan, create and display local and national advertising on the biggest screens to the biggest audiences. Hollywood continues to produce blockbuster hits year after year, allowing us to reach these audiences. Moviegoers are captivated, engaged and one of the largest groups of social consumers.

Make an impression and differentiate your brand from the competition with cinema advertising.


We want to build your business or brand on the biggest screens in the biggest format in front of the biggest audience.


Our proprietary system is 100% remotely managed by our staff and monitored 24/7 to ensure the highest playback and timeliness of campaigns.


From planning and production to execution, we are there every step of the way to make sure that your message is delivered effectively.

“Nobody counts the numbers of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”Bill Bernbach


A professional, high-quality and engaging pre-show is vital to the moviegoing experience. Customers prefer to see content on the screens prior to showtimes to eliminate the silence and spark conversation. Our program is focused on quality productions and entertaining content.

Our team is made up of former theater managers and employees. We know the business and can relate to many of the challenges and workloads of staff and ownership.

We began by providing on-screen advertising to local businesses and ended up growing into a full production and design team. We don’t limit our offerings to businesses and advertisers but provide additional services to the theaters we partner with. We help with social media campaigns, promotion design, digital lobby signage, marketing and more. Our service fees are covered in our partnership with exhibitors, creating no additional costs.

Contact us to find out more how My Movie Ads can help your theaters increase your brand image and brand loyalty.

Water Gardens – Pleasant Grove, UT
Water Gardens – Kailua, HI
Aspen Cinemas – Evanston, WY
Salt Creek Cinemas – Nephi, UT
SouthTowne Theatre – Ephraim, UT
Reel Huish Theatres – Richfield, UT