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On-Screen Advertising

PutYourBusinessGoing to the movies

is still considered to be America’s #1 leisure activity and continues to grow. 2015 brought unprecedented sales at the box office and 3 of the top 10 movies of all time.  Moviegoers are trendsetters, social consumers and influencers. Cinema generates an engaged connection that other mediums can not.

Going to the movies is an event. Research has shown that the average moviegoer is in their seat about 15 minutes prior to the scheduled showtime. They don’t want to miss out on anything.

Advertising on the screens reaches an undistracted and engaged audience. Generate brand difference and stand out from the clutter by advertising at the movies.

Our Program

With My Movie Ads

you have the opportunity to show your ad between every showtime, on every screen, at the chosen locations. Ads can be slide images or full HD video including audio. There is about 20 minutes between showtimes and we keep our ad reels under 10 minutes. This allows for ads to run at least 2 times between shows.

Pricing is based on the length of the commercial you’d like to run and the location. Pricing for a location is based on ticket sales and availability. Choose from our standard lengths of 30 seconds, 20 seconds or 10 seconds or create your own customized campaign.

If you are looking for a fast, effective way to build brand awareness and connect with a large audience, then you need to consider including on-screen advertising to your media mix.

FAQ - click here

How much does it cost?
Pricing differs based on theater location and average attendance. Pricing also varies based on the length of the ad you would like to show. We offer multiple lengths to fit any budget. Contact us for pricing.

How many screens will my ad play on?
Ads are played on every screen at the specific theater location.

How many times will my ad play?
We guarantee that your ad will show, on average, 2 times before every movie at the theater. There is approximately 20-25 minutes between each movie and we do not allow more than 10 minutes of ads per location.

Can I have a voiceover on my ad?
Yes, all ads have audio that play with them. A voiceover can be included.

What formats and dimensions do you accept?
Ads are shows in 1080p HD. However, movie screens have different aspect ratios than televisions.

Video Ads:
Size – 1920×818 or 1080p with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. We prefer .mov files created using the h.264 codec. We can work with most major formats such as .avi, .mpeg, .mp4 as well.

Still Ads:
Image Size – 1920×818 and at least 150dpi. Please send your files as a .jpeg or .pdf (make sure to outline any fonts with .pdf files)

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards and typically charge your monthly rate on the same day of each month that is decided by you.

15 Min.

Research shows the average moviegoer is in their
seats on average 15 minutes before showtime.
The average moviegoer suffers from extreme
FOMO (fear of missing out).


81% of teens have been to the movies
in the last 30 days

  • 44% of viewers are more likely to remember an ad at the movies than on TV
  • Average median household income of moviegoers is $75,000
  • Population 55+ attend the movies on average 1.8 times a month
  • 2015 set a box-office record of all time with $11.1 billion
Digital Signage

DigitalSign3Increase the effectiveness

of your campaigns by reinforcing your screen ads with digital ads in lobbies, hallways or other locations.  Digital signs allow for full-motion ads that can be used to engage and attract additional attention.

Exhibitors and Businesses

Did you know digital signs are the newest way to create dynamic content and engage customers at your location?  It is proven that video messaging increases purchases and allows for immediate communication.  My Movie Ads can help you design, install and manage your digital signage. We also provide content creation services for a hassle-free signage solution.

Our software is also open for exhibitors and businesses to use for themselves. If you have the marketing and design resources to manage your own program, you can license our software for a low monthly fee and manage an unlimited number of signs from anywhere in the world.

From promotional content, movie trailers and advertising, we can help your signage drive more business to your location and even generate additional revenue through sponsorships.

See our signage installations and locations here.


ProductionShot2My Movie Ads

also provides complete, professional production services. If you don’t have a commercial to display on the screens or digital signs, we can help. Our creative team has produced numerous commercials for large and small businesses. Contact us for more information or to find out how to get your commercial produced with little to no cost. The examples below are ads and clips that we produced for advertising on our screens.

Custom Promotions

WatergardensbucketAdvertising at the cinema

doesn’t have to be limited to the screens. Increase your impressions and effectiveness of your ads by creating an out-of-the-box approach.

Options are endless but can range from custom promotions on popcorn buckets, flyers in restrooms, lobby signage, digital signage and handouts as well as setting up a table to create a personal one-on-one connection with moviegoers.